About DK Cuppa Tea (Dinning Therapy)

DK Cuppa Tea was founded by Kai Lai in 2015, by combining art, healing, and dining into its afternoon tea set, its unique style “Dinning therapy Concept” has received wide of attention and become very popular.

DK Cuppa Tea is solely owned by DK Aromatherapy, a Hong Kong’s Aromatherapy Brand. DK Cuppa Tea is an urban oasis for patrons to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize over a great selection of organic teas and coffees, quick bites and sweet treats. We offer workshops and private parties, as well as corporate events. We have partnered with established companies: HSBC Bank, Bloomberg, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Chanel, Four Season Hotel; Lifestyle brands: Shu Uemura and Anteprima.

在2015年 Kat Lai 創立DK Cuppa Tea,把藝術、治療、餐飲融合到其下午茶組合中,其獨特的風格受到廣泛關注和歡迎。

DK Cuppa Tea由香港香薰治療品牌DK Aromatherapy全資擁有。DK Cuppa Tea致力打造繁華都市中的綠州,DK Cuppa Tea提供一系列主題下午茶、有機茶、咖啡、輕食和甜點,讓客人盡情放鬆。我們還有舉辦各式各樣的工作坊和企業活動,以及為客人度身訂造私人派對。我們跟不同機構如匯豐銀行、彭博、香港賽馬會、四季酒店及植村秀、Chanel等生活品牌均有合作。

香薰治療 X 健康飲食體驗

我們提供:私人派對、私人晚宴、度身定製菜單、香薰興趣班、個人包班 / 企業包班、私人香薰興趣班 + 健康飲食


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