About the DK Aromatherapy

Let Aromatherapy Lift You

City life can cause a lot of stress what with the hustle and bustle of earning a living. There is therefore a need to unwind, to relax and recharge our batteries. One of the easiest and perhaps the most pleasant way to do this is through aromatherapy.Aromatherapy has been called the healing magic of nature. It is an ancient yet timely and stunningly modern approach to total well-being that is in tune with nature – by simply applying natural essential oils that give out therapeutic herbal scents.

Now, you can enjoy all the benefits for health and well-being with a visit to DK Aromatherapy in Sheung Wan where qualified staff will provide you with guidance on the scent that is most suitable for your needs.The company stocks over 100 different essential oils that promote healing of various health problems, together with carrier oils, floral water, natural base products, scented candles, handmade oil burners, ear candles and herbal tea.

DK is a one-stop shop for today’s health enthusiasts and offers  workshops on various subjects featuring Aromatherapy Massage, Ear Candle, Holistic Skin Care, Custom Blending, Aromatic for Pets etc.

DK Aromatherapy is a natural healthcare center. What makes DK exceptional is their professional aromatherapists and massage therapists who take a holistic approach and give customized advice to every single customer. They make a study of the client’s needs before recommending any treatment.

In DK Aromatherapy, customers can experience the upmost harmony of body, mind and soul brought on by the company’s unique products and tailor-made services.

Let the scents send you on a journey of comfort and wellbeing!

Website ~ http://www.aroma.com.hk


香薰療法 — 釋放您的身、心、靈

都市人生活勞碌,為口奔馳,無形中產生許多生活壓力,很需要紓緩壓力充充電,最簡單舒適的方法就是透過香薰治療。 香薰治療一向被視為大自然治療的神奇力量,簡言之是利用純正天然的香薰油來按摩,它是一種源遠流長的自然療法之一,也是促進身、心、靈健康的時尚減壓方法。

您只需來到上環的 DK Aromatherapy 香薰治療專門店,我們會因應您身心的需要,為您選擇適當的香薰油。除了超過一百種不同的香薰油之外,本店還售賣底油、花水、天然無味護理產品、香味蠟燭、手製香薰爐、耳燭、天然花草茶本。

DK Aromatherapy 為追求健康生活的人士提供一站式的服務,包括不同題目的興趣班,如香薰按摩、香薰耳燭療法、全面肌膚護理、精油配搭妙法、寵物香薰治療等。

DK Aromatherapy 是一間多元化的自然健康保健中心,有符合國際認可資格的整全香薰治療師及按摩治療師為您提供專業意見及度身訂造療程。顧客可以來到本店嘗試我們別緻的產品及獨特的服務, 享受身、心、靈融和的境界。


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