Kat Lai Presents The “Aroma Pod”

Kat Lai Presents The “Aroma Pod”
Your personal Aromatherapies!

The Aroma Pod is a USB rechargeable, changeable aroma capsule, portable diffuser.

Via the insertion of a changeable aroma capsule, the Aroma Pod diffuses the aroma capsule scent to the user, in a manner that provides the user with an aromatic and five-sensory experience. The Aroma Pod is entirely new developed product that is not yet available in the market, and one that we believe is capable of providing your customers with a lasting and unparalleled feeling for trying and purchasing perfumes.

Kat Lai has recently created an “Aroma Pod Premium Box Set” that comes with “Five Element” capsules of blended essential oils that are applicable for personal use, workplace, and social outing.  Its aim is to enhance focus and confidence, make the user engage with feelings of relaxation and happiness, and to transport the user into a pleasant ambiance of utopia-enriched calm feelings.

For more information, please contact Kat at her email: kat@aroma.com.hk

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