About DK and KAT

DK Aromatherapy 為這個世界上的每個人提供幸福和改善健康的方案。 憑藉 著26 年的經驗,DK 最引以自豪的是其將香薰與現代科技結合並加以善用,當中包括涉及中藥的生物技術和 以ESG為前提的金融科技。 這些年來,DK致力與香港研究機構合作,共同研發的產品獲得了專利並通過臨床心理學研究實證。 這項研究還於哈佛數據庫中著名的《Heart & Mind》雜誌上發表了。 我們最著名的產品是防新冠香薰口罩貼、便攜式香薰機-Aroma Pod、五行複方精油和耳燭。 

DK Aromatherapy offers a solution to happiness and better health for everyone in this world. With 26 years of experience, DK is proudest of its utilization of aromatherapy with modern technologies including BioTech involving Chinese medicines and FinTech under ESG consideration. Over the years, in collaboration with Hong Kong Research institutes, products were patented and proven by clinical psychology studies. Research studies were also published in the well-known Heart and Mind Journal available in the Harvard database. Our most well-known products are Anti-COVID Aroma Patch, Aroma Pod, 5 Elements Essential Oil Blends and Ear Candles.



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