KAT LAI Technology : New Hotel project coming up!

We are from a technology-based, woman-led, for-profit social enterprise focused on the aromatherapy and wellness industries and based in Hong Kong, China.

We pioneer the personalization of aroma among hotel rooms, and our aroma blends are backed by research to suit the wellness needs of the guests. We will be the first in the aromatherapy industry to introduce digitalized, self-service aromatherapy in hotel guest rooms that integrates nanotechnology (the tool), biotechnology (capsulated aromatherapy), social (ESG addresses), and financial technology (big data).

Among our product’s competitive advantages in the market are the following:

  1. We are the pioneers in aroma customization among hotel rooms. The market for wellness tourism is currently worth $639.4 billion, while the market for aromatherapy is worth $20.28 billion. Rooms in hotels do not have aroma customization right now. Despite the thousands of medical research studies that show aromatherapy oils support human wellness, and a number of research studies that show scent marketing can boost a company’s profitability, less attention is paid to aroma customization to tailor to moods or wellness needs. In Germany, for instance, the scented movie advertisement for Nivea led to a 500% increase in the company’s brand memory. When Ikea improved its aroma, customers spent 54% more time in the store.
  2. Data-driven: Our proprietary tech app is capable of collecting large databases of feedback and patterns of usage behavior at any given time of day or season, which will lead to continuous customer discovery of aroma users in the hospitality industry.
  3. Patented: As we put much respect and effort into research, our team plans to patent the product and our system. Several of the existing products of our parent firm [DK Aromatherapy] are patent-protected; in partnership with a number of research institutes, they have been shown to address ADHD, asthma, eczema, depression, insomnia, and COVID-19. For example, in 2020, the anti-covid aroma patch launched by DK Aromatherapy use a patented biotechnology involving traditional Chinese medicine developed in collaboration with Prof. Karl Tsim of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. (Patent: China Application No. 202011002501.5; Hong Kong Short Term Patent Application No. 32020016652.0 Patent by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
  4. Shared value business model: As the company continues to profit by boosting customer pleasure and well-being, we give back to society by generating sustainable livelihoods through the SOAP Project, the second phase of our business operation.
  5. Strong Board: Our team is made up primarily of women with extensive experience in aromatherapy, branding, environmental, social, and governance issues (ESG), hardware engineering, life sciences, and technology from prestigious universities such as Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Cambridge University, among others. Ms. Kat Lai, our company’s founder, has been in the aromatherapy business for more than 27 years. Just recently, she was one of the recipients of the highly prestigious Golden Bauhinia Women Entrepreneur Award in Hong Kong. We believe that the synergy of our diverse backgrounds in business, science, and ESG has afforded us the opportunity to build a business model that is socially impactful and entrepreneurial.




  1. 酒店客房香氣定制的先驅:
    健康養生旅遊市場目前價值約 6394 億美元,而香薰治療市場價值約 202.8 億美元。 酒店客房目前沒有客製化香薰服務。 儘管有數以千計的醫學研究表明香薰精油能幫助我們養生,而且許多研究表明香味營銷可以提高公司的盈利率,但很少人關注根據情緒或健康需求而定製有療效香味。 以德國為例,妮維雅(Nivea)的香味電影廣告使公司的品牌記憶力增加了 5倍。 當宜家傢俬(Ikea)改善其香氣後,顧客在店內停留的時間增加了 54%。
  2. 數據為本:我們獨有的技術應用程式能夠一年四季節持續收集大量反饋和行為使用模式的數據庫,這能協助酒店業不斷了解使用香薰的客戶。
  3. 專利:
    我們投放大量資源和努力於研究,我們的團隊計劃為產品和我們的系統申請專利。 我們母公司 [DK Aromatherapy] 的一些現有產品受專利保護。我們與許多研究機構合作,我們的產品已被證明可以解決過度活躍症、哮喘、濕疹、抑鬱症、失眠和新冠病毒。 在2020年,DK Aromatherapy推出的抗疫香薰口罩貼採用了與香港科技大學詹教授合作研發的中藥生物技術專利。 (專利:中國申請編號202011002501.5;香港短期專利申請號32020016652.0香港科技大學專利)
  4. 共享價值商業模式:
    隨著公司通過提高客戶滿意度和福祉不斷獲利,我們透過 SOAP 番梘計劃(我們業務運營的第二階段)為低收入婦女創造可持續的生計來回饋社會。
  5. 強大的團隊:
    我們的團隊主要由來自香港理工大學、麻省理工學院等名校的女性組成,在香薰、品牌、環境及社會和治理 (ESG)、硬件工程、生物科學和科技等領域擁有豐富經驗 。 我們公司的創始人 賴錦妍 女士從事香薰業務超過 27 年。 就在最近,她很榮幸地成為香港金紫荊女企業家獎的獲得者之一。 我們相信,我們在商業、科學和 ESG 方面的不同背景的協同作用下,能為我們提供建立具有社會影響力和創業精神的商業模式的機會。

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