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  • 上世紀90年代初,Kat Lai 賴錦妍小姐從理工大學畢業之後投身社會,工作了數年的她便把握了天時地利人和,以及憑著敢於追求理想的勇氣,展開了屬於自己的創業之路。當時,一家百貨公司的高層很是欣賞賴錦妍小姐在閑暇時製作的手工藝品,並表示希望能大量采購。看到自身潛力、發掘到人生理想的賴錦妍小姐毅然辭掉了穩定的工作,以自己所熱衷的手工藝品製作,展開了她的香薰事業。 
  • In the early 1990s, Ms Kat Lai joined the society after graduating from Polytechnic University. After working for several years, she grasped the right time and place, and with the courage to pursue ideals, she started her own entrepreneurial road. At that time, the executives of a department store admired the handicrafts made by Ms Lai in her spare time and expressed their interest to purchase in bulk. Noticing her own potential and discovering her aspiration in life, Ms Lai resolutely quit her stable job and started her aromatherapy business with the handicrafts she is passionate about.
  • 1996年,賴錦妍小姐正式成立公司DK Aromatherapy,業務涵蓋甚廣,包括香薰護理、定制及個性化香水設計、美容院香薰諮詢服務等。她找到了新的發展方向,她放下了手工藝品的業務,全身心地投入香薰行業,並從中找到了成就感。
  • In 1996, Ms Lai formally established the company DK Aromatherapy, which covers a wide range of businesses, including aromatherapy care, customized and personalized perfume design, and aromatherapy consulting services in beauty salons. She found a new direction of development, quit the handicraft business and devoted herself to the aromatherapy industry, and found a sense of accomplishment from it.
  • 2020年,賴錦妍小姐成立了KAT LAI Wellness Limited,其核心旨在為社會大眾提供新的平臺,為大眾關注的健康議題提供新的優化方案。對心靈健康的追求在世界各地­—尤其是歐美國家—日漸普及,是大勢所趨。賴錦妍小姐將把自己位於上環的店舖打造成一個體驗中心,喚起大眾對身、心、靈健康的關注。
  • In 2020, Ms Lai established KAT LAI Wellness Limited, whose core purpose is to provide a new platform for the public and provide new optimization solutions for health issues of public concern. The pursuit of mental health is becoming more and more popular around the world, especially in Europe and the United States. Ms Lai was turn her store in Sheung Wan into an experience centre to arouse the public’s attention to the health of body, mind and spirit.
  • 特殊兒童是社會的小衆,失眠以及抑鬱是現今社會大衆化的問題。為改善失眠問題,賴錦妍小姐調配的五行精油-土精油,於2020年的臨床認證證實能有效改善睡眠素質,於2021年度醫學年刊 Heart Mind 刊登 (Low A, Chan S. Case study: Monitoring the effectiveness of aromatherapeutic breathing with heart rate variability biofeedback. Heart Mind 2021;5:90-4) ,並在2022年7月12日第三屆Global Virtual Conference of Cardiology中發布。該研究報告載入了哈佛圖書館資料庫。
  • Insomnia and depression are popular problems in today’s society. In order to improve the problem of insomnia, the five elements essential oil – earth essential oil prepared by Ms Lai was clinically certified in 2020 and proved to be effective in improving sleep quality. It was published in the 2021 annual medical journal Heart Mind (Low A, Chan S. aromatherapeutic breathing with heart rate variability biofeedback. Heart Mind 2021;5:90-4), and presented at the 3rd Global Virtual Conference of Cardiology on July 12, 2022. The research report is also published at the Harvard Library Repository.
  • 2020年新冠肺炎席捲全球,威脅著全球十幾億人口的健康。賴錦妍小姐曾經說過,自己除了是企業家外,更有另一重身份:「我是一位發明家。」賴錦妍小姐與香港科技大學的詹華強教授聯手創造了含中藥專利配方的抗疫香薰精油以及抗疫香薰口罩貼。這項嶄新的發明更於2021年2月,刊登在《資本雜誌》封面。賴錦妍小姐的努力,創新和回饋社會的決心,亦再次得到了鼓舞與肯定。
  • In 2020, COVID-19 pandemic swept the world, threatening the health of more than one billion people in the world. Ms Lai once said that in addition to being an entrepreneur, she has another identity: “I am an inventor.” Ms Lai and Professor Karl Tsim of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology jointly created an anti-coronavirus essential oil containing a patented Chinese medicine formula and aroma patches for masks. This new invention was featured on the cover of Capital Magazine in February 2021. Ms Lai’s hard work, innovation and determination to give back to the society were once again encouraged and affirmed.
  • 隨著科技發展的日新月異及其普及化,大眾對知識的追求和科學的解釋儼然為新的趨勢。因此,賴錦妍小姐正積極地開發「Aromapod Breathing by Kat Lai」手機軟件,配合自家專利便攜式香薰機「 Aroma Pod 」及情緒偵測手帶,讓大眾可以隨時隨地、自主地檢視自己的治療效果以及見證身、心、靈、健康的進步。
  • With the rapid development of science and technology and its popularization, the public’s pursuit of knowledge and scientific interpretation seem to be a new trend. Therefore, Ms Lai is actively participating in the development of the “Aromapod Breathing by Kat Lai” mobile phone software, with its own patented portable aroma diffuser “Aroma Pod” and emotion detection wristband, so that the public can independently check their own treatment effects and testimonials anytime, anywhere. Hence, inspect the progress of body, mind, spirit and health improvement.
  • 於2022年開下旬展一個專為全球酒店業提供的香薰共享經濟項目,結合香薰以及智能系統,一方面為旅客帶來難忘的體驗,另一方面為酒店帶來長期的收益。除此之外,為了實踐環境、社會和企業管治(ESG)投資,這個項目將為低收入婦女提供技能培訓,以改善生活。
  • In late 2022, a sharing economy project in aromatherapy specially provided for the global hotel industry will be exhibited. Combining aromatherapy and IoT systems, it will bring unforgettable experiences to tourists on the one hand, and long-term sustainable benefits to hotels on the other hand. In addition to this, in order to practice Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) investments, this project will provide vocational training to low-income women as women empowerment.
  • 目前,隨著新項目的啟動,公司的業務將專注於心理健康維護,服務內容包括:
    • 提供香水工作坊:香水製作,積極心態。
    • 提供客戶交流及數據平台:開發移動應用程序,收集和創建人類行為的大數據,並為用戶的健康和幸福提供可能的解決方案。
    • 酒店業旅客專用香薰系統。
    • 保健類電子設備投資:用於情緒傳感器跟踪以及情緒健康指數跟踪的可穿戴設備。
    • 其他服務:連接線下診所和健康中心。
  • Currently, with the launch of new projects, the company’s business will focus on mental health maintenance, including:
    • Offers perfume workshops: perfume making, positive attitude.
    • Provide customer communication and data platform: develop mobile applications, collect and create big data of human behavior, and provide possible solutions for users’ health and well-being.
    • Aromatherapy system for travelers staying in hotels.
    • Investments in healthcare hardwares: Wearables for emotional sensor tracking and emotional health index tracking.
    • Other services: connect offline clinics and health centers through the system.
  • 此外,該公司雄心勃勃,勇於創新,為客戶打造心理健康的新平台和新解決方案。芳香治療、中醫、催眠治療、生物科技、大數據和人工智能的融合,為藍海市場創造了機遇和擴張能力。公司與當地大學及各領域專家合作,擁有強大的研發團隊。
  • In addition, the company is ambitious and innovative to create new platforms and new solutions for mental health for its clients. The fusion of aromatherapy, traditional Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy, biotechnology, big data and artificial intelligence has created opportunities and expansion capabilities for the blue ocean market. The company cooperates with local universities and experts in various fields, forming a sophisticated R&D team.
  • 藍海戰略(BOS):BOS是追求差異化和低成本,建立新的市場空間,創造新的需求。核心思想意味著創造並佔領無競爭的市場空間,因此競爭是無關緊要的。收購 BOS 的公司示例包括:
    • Netflix:第一家使用BOS的公司,提供基於訂閱的流媒體服務非常出色。
    • Nespresso:創造了消費咖啡的新方式,處於大眾市場產品(咖啡)和奢侈品(比咖啡貴約 6 倍)的十字路口。
  • Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS): BOS is to pursue differentiation and low cost, establish new market space and create new demand. The core idea is to create and occupy uncompetitive market space, so competition is irrelevant. Examples of companies acquiring BOS include:
    • Netflix: The first company to use BOS, offering a subscription-based streaming service is excellent.
    • Nespresso: Created new ways to consume coffee, at the crossroads of a mass market product (coffee) and a luxury product (about 6 times more expensive than coffee).
  • DK Aromatherapy希望通過為客戶創建訂閱平台和膠囊服務,透過芳香療法和中藥的結合實現健康和快樂,成為行業中的Netflix和Nespresso。希望這創造一個藍海市場,改變心理健康行業的規則,消除競爭,吸引消費者的新需求。
  • DK Aromatherapy hopes to become the Netflix and Nespresso of the industry by creating a subscription platform and capsule service for customers to achieve health and happiness through the combination of aromatherapy and traditional Chinese medicine. Hopefully this creates a blue ocean market that changes the rules of the mental health industry, eliminates competition and attracts new demands from consumers.
  • 自2018年起,賴錦妍小姐致力籌辦慈善活動,目標為支援癌症病人、病患兒童及長者。《開心法術》一書的創作便是作為她幫助他人、回饋社會,展開一系列慈善活動的序曲。讓賴錦妍小姐倍受感動的是,許多熱心人在知曉了她的這個想法後,都紛紛竭盡所能提供幫助。當中,有攝影師毛遂自薦為她拍攝照片;有插畫師為其作畫;有出版商助她做排版印刷。
  • Since 2018, Ms. Lai has devoted herself to organizing charity events with the goal of supporting cancer patients, sick children and the elderly. The creation of the book “Magic of Happiness” is a prelude to her helping others, giving back to the society, and launching a series of charitable activities. What moved Ms Lai was that many generous benefactors did their best to help after learning about her idea. Among them, some photographers offered to take pictures for her; some illustrators painted for her; some publishers helped her do typesetting and printing.
  • 在《開心法術》的發佈會上,香港知名女演員羅蘭女士,甚至為助陣賴錦妍小姐,特意修改了原有的行程親臨發佈會。大家對賴錦妍小姐的鼎力相助,都讓她深信只要心中的信念永存,那麽夢想就總會實現。
  • At the press conference of “Magic of happiness “, Ms Helena Law Lan, a well-known actress in Hong Kong, even changed her original schedule to attend the press conference to help Ms Lai. Everyone’s support to Ms Lai convinced her that as long as the faith in her heart lasts forever, her dream will always come true.
  • 對於籌得的善款,賴錦妍小姐把它們全數捐贈給銘琪癌症關顧中心和Lifewire護 •聯網兩個機構。銘琪癌症關顧中心專為癌症病人提供精神支援及相關服。而Lifewire護 • 聯網則致力關懷患有罕見疾病的兒童,如歌舞伎症候群、黏多醣貯積症、杜興氏肌肉營養不良症等,大衆對此類疾病甚至聞所未聞,更別提爲之傾囊相助。
  • For the funds raised, Ms Lai donated all of them to Maggie’s Cancer Care Center and Lifewire. Maggie’s Cancer Care Center provides mental support and related services for cancer patients. And Lifewire is dedicated to caring for children with rare diseases, such as Kabuki Syndrome, Mucopolysaccharidosis, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, etc., such diseases are unheard of by the public, let alone help them .
  • 賴錦妍小姐希望竭盡所能,讓癌症和罕見病患者看見社會對他們的支持和關懷,用愛和溫暖為他們帶來康復的希望。因此,她近年來致力參與及宣傳相關的慈善活動,呼籲社會各界關注癌症和罕見病群體。她的努力、回饋社會的決心九轉功成,最終榮獲《第四屆金紫荊女企業家獎》、《楷模的力量 百大傑出華人》、《香港傑出服務》認證、《商界展關懷》及《熱心公益》嘉許狀及可持續發展之企業《SDG企業》大獎榮譽証書。
  • Ms Lai hopes to do her best to let cancer and rare disease patients see the support and care of the society for them, and bring them hope of recovery with love and warmth. Therefore, in recent years, she has devoted herself to participating and promoting related charity activities, calling on all sectors of society to pay attention to cancer and rare disease groups. Her hard work and determination to give back to the society have succeeded eventually, and she was finally awarded the “Golden Bauhinia Women Entrepreneur Award” ,“The Power of Role Models Top 100 Outstanding Chinese award” , “Hong Kong Excellent Service Certification”, the “Caring Company” and “Public-Spirited” certificates of recognition, and the “SDG Enterprise Awards Certificate of Honor” for sustainable development.
  • 香港政府為促進特殊學童入社會,推行融合教育(全納教育),將有特殊教育需要的學生安排在普通學校接受教育。為配合政府政策,賴錦妍小姐於香港教育大學在九大特殊教育需要類別中,初步挑選過度活躍以及自閉症學童作為主要協助對象。
  • In order to promote the introduction of special needs children into society, the Hong Kong government promotes inclusive education, and arranges students with special educational needs (SEN) to receive education in ordinary schools. In line with government policy, Ms Lai initially selected ADHD and autistic students as the main objects of assistance in the nine special educational needs categories of the Education University of Hong Kong.
  • 透過香薰治療和「Aromapod Breathing by Kat Lai」手機軟件,提升特殊學童的專注力以及情緒自控能力。 細心的賴錦妍小姐在關注特殊學童議題同時,亦注意到學童的家屬也在分擔著壓力的負面情緒,她不嗇為特殊學童家屬提供免費的講座以及情緒支援。
  • Through aromatherapy and the “Aromapod Breathing by Kat Lai” mobile app, children with special needs can improve their concentration and emotional self-control. Attentive Ms Lai not only pays attention to the issues of special school children, but also notices that the families of the school children are also sharing the negative emotions of pressure. She generously provided free lectures and emotional support for the families of special school children.
  • 賴錦妍小姐把香薰治療、中藥、催眠治療、生物科技、大數據及人工智能融為一體,引領自己的企業,甚至於不久將來帶動香薰行業,走上革新的道路。
  • Ms Lai integrates aromatherapy, traditional Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy, biotechnology, big data and artificial intelligence to lead her own enterprise, and even lead the aromatherapy industry to embark on a road of innovation in the near future.
  • 回顧過往兩年,賴錦妍小姐致力於培育本地科技人才,聯合香港科技大學,邀請主修生物科技的學生參加實習計劃,目的是結合香薰治療與生物科技並推廣本地科研。抗疫香薰口罩貼是其中一項科研成果的例子。
  • Looking back on the past two years, Ms Lai has been committed to nurturing local talents in STEM. In cooperation with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, she invited students majoring in biotechnology and environmental management to participate in the internship program. The purpose is to combine aromatherapy and biotechnology and promote local scientific research. The anti-coronavirus aromatherapy mask patch is an example of one of the scientific research achievements.

Contact Kat Lai: kat@aroma.com.hk

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