About Kat Lai

Kat Lai


Over 22 years of experience as an Aromatherapy consultant and Hypnotherapy instructor. She established DK Aromatherapy in 1996, and in 2015 she founded DK Cuppa Tea, combining aromatherapy with catering to bring people a new five-sense experience. In recent years, she has been committed to giving back to the community and has been awarded the “Hong Kong Outstanding Service” certification and the “Enthusiastic Charity” Certificate of Commendation. She believes that as long as she has the right direction, everything can be achieved with positive thoughts, that everyone brings a positive influence to others. She does hope to make the world a more beautiful and better place!

資深香薫治療顧問、催眠治療導師,1996年成立 DK Aromatherapy,2015年再下一城,創立 DK Cuppa Tea,將香薰療法與餐飲結合,為客人帶來嶄新的五感體驗。近年致力回饋社會,並榮獲「香港傑出服務」認證及「熱心公益」嘉許狀。她深信只要從自身出發,懷有正念繼而感染他人,就能讓世界變得更美,更好。

Contact Kat Lai: kat@aroma.com.hk

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